The Many Reasons Why Sex Feels Good

Although women and men achieve orgasm differently, the pleasure is the same. The male and female genitals are filled with thousands of nerve endings which causes the skin to be very sensitive. For women, the clitoris which is under a hood of skin above the labia has a lot of nerve endings which feel good when rubbed or touched.

However, it is also possible to get aroused by simply touching other parts of the body and especially the breasts, through vaginal penetration or when the G spot is stimulated. The G spot was recently discovered and a lot has been said about it. This is the most sensitive area of a female body located at the top of the vaginal wall. When this area is properly stimulated, it leads to spinning orgasms in some women. That is when you see women squirting fluids although there is a lot of controversy on the content of this fluid.  Orgasms for men occur at ejaculation although for women it is not clear.

Women reach orgasm when pleasurable and involuntary muscle contractions ripple throughout their body. Some women have multiple orgasms or waves of pleasure which can be more or less intense. There are those whose orgasms last for more than a few seconds which heightens their sexual experience.

Women are able to achieve orgasm via the different methods described above although for many, the emotional connection is the main ingredient. The brain and the body are linked here and things such as stress, distraction, fatigue, lack of trust and other brain messages can interfere with reaching orgasm. On the flip side, most women do not need to reach orgasm for them to get pleasure from sex.  Men are quite simple when things are working out well. When they are highly stimulated, they will orgasm.

Testosterone causes a lot of arousal before an orgasm and that is why men are sleepy immediately after sex.  For men and women, orgasms can be linked to the mindset. If you are thinking that you are with the wrong partner or it is not the right time to be having sex, then even if the sexual act is perfectly done, there will be a disconnect and an orgasms or erection for men will not happen. On the other hand, an orgasm can happen even if you do not want to. This means that the right nerves have been stimulated in the right way even if your brain is saying not now.

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