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A lot of my dates here at Chiswick escorts compliment me on my nice long legs and say that they look great. I know that a lot of gents are fascinated with long legs, and sexy legs. To be honest, I leg seeing a pair of sexy legs on a man as well, and I also like to see a nice man’s bottom. A nice sexy bottom really turns me on, and I just love watching men’s bottoms. Sometimes when I am out shopping, I find myself looking at men’s bottoms.


sexy legs of chiswick babes

Anyway, sexy legs is important to a lot of woman, and my legs did not come naturally. I actually had to work pretty hard to get sexy legs. Some of the girls here at Chiswick escort services think that my legs are just “made that way”, but that is not true at all. But, at the same time, I do not spend hours in the gym. Like the other girls here at the agency I do work out, but I have given up on things like going running and jogging. Personally, I found that it only bulked up my legs.

To exercise my legs, and to keep them nice and slim Chiswick escorts style, I do a lot of walking. When I was younger, I was a really keen runner, but now I find that I actually can have much slimmer legs by just walking. The problem with walking and running is that you bulk up so much, and to be honest, I don’t think that it looks sexy at all. I would love to run, but I also want to have sexy legs that I can show off to the gents at Chiswick escort services.

I am not only into walking, I like to do yoga and pilates as well. When I was younger, I did actually want to be a dancer, but for some reason, I just grew to tall. Dancing with this frame would just have looked funny, and not all of us can join the Bluebell girls in Paris. I would have loved that, but at the same time I really enjoy my career here at Chiswick escorts. Also, I am terrible at languages so I am not sure that I would have managed living in Paris.

When I am not busy at Chiswick escorts, I like being super active. I think that helps as well, and many of the slim people I know, are very active. Besides from my walking, pilates and yoga, I am into things like cycling. It is not very safe to cycle on the streets in London, so must of the time I cycle around the local park. I love feeling the wind in my hair, and at the same time, I think that you really chill out when your ride a bike. It is one of those things that you can do to totally de-stress and I have even been on bike riding holidays in places like Denmark and on the continent.

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